Watch this amazing video featuring Andra Day and Common performing “Stand Up for Something” at the People’s State of the Union, and heed their call to take action to protect our youth. We must all stand up together to protect close to a million immigrant youth who face the risk of deportation on March 5, and stand with youth demanding gun control!

STAND UP for Dreamers — Text #DreamActNow to 877-877!

STAND UP for Gun Control — Go to

We Stand United Mission

We Stand United is an educational and advocacy campaign to protect our democracy and enhance fairness, equality, and prosperity for all. The campaign is committed to ensuring voter rights and access, and increasing voter registration and turnout. We Stand United works to bring together people from a broad spectrum of issues to support one another and unite around our shared values and goals.

Voter Power

Register to vote!

The most important thing you can do to protect our democracy, make your voice heard, and advance our shared values is to vote. Don’t wait — if you’re not already registered, register to vote today! And make sure your friends and family are registered to vote also, because that’s how we build out voter power!

Protect the right to vote!

Voter suppression is rampant in many places across the country. Many conservatives are actively working to make it harder for people to vote, especially young people, students, and people of color. Voter suppression is wrong and we have to stop it. Our democracy depends on it. That’s why we are fighting against measures that reduce access to voting and against letting corporations and the super-rich control our democracy and our representatives. One person, one vote!

Increase voter turnout!

Now more than ever, it’s crucial that more people get out and vote. Together we can reclaim power in our democracy. The incredible rise in civic engagement and protest that we’ve witnessed over the past year must continue, and lead to higher voter turnout across the nation. The rising Resistance Movement must become a People’s Voting Movement, from local town board elections to state legislatures, to governors, and to Congress. Together, we must take back our voter power.

Our Future

We can create a positive future built on a foundation of equality, fairness, prosperity, and environmental sustainability. We can build that better future by coming together, educating people about the critical issues we are facing, and increasing civic engagement including voting and running for office.

Look at what the Resistance Movement and many accompanying movements accomplished in 2017. We took to the streets by the millions. We protected healthcare. We fought together against racist immigration policies. We unified against white supremacists in Charlottesville. More than ever before women’s voices are being heard and believed. And those are just a few of many examples of tremendous victories we achieved through smart, passionate organizing, protests, and collaboration. Perhaps most importantly, more and more people are paying attention and participating, which gives us tremendous hope. We are on the verge of political revolution.

Looking forward, we believe that core values of economic prosperity for all, fairness, and equality must drive our politics and policies.

Shared Values

We stand united for living wages that ensure people financial stability and freedom from financial fear. If you work hard, you should know that you can feed your kids and provide for your family. A $15 minimum wage is a good start, as well as paid-family leave, paid sick days and gender parity.

We stand united for healthcare for all. Everyone benefits from everyone getting the care they need to be healthy. Everyone should know that they can get the help they need, without worrying about crippling debt.

We stand united for good education for all. Everyone should be able to go to a good school and be able to afford to go to college if they want.

We stand united for tax fairness, working to ensure that  the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share. The current tax system favors the wealthiest individuals and corporations while overburdening low- and middle-income earners.

We stand united for public safety and criminal justice reform to protect all communities.

We stand united for campaign finance reform. We believe in one person, one vote, not a system that gives corporations and the wealthiest individuals outsize influence in our political system.

We Stand United in support of diplomacy to settle international disputes and are against acts of war and aggression that jeopardize the balance of international law and peace.

We stand united to protect the rights of women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, Muslims, and Jewish people from discrimination, threats, and attacks.

We stand united with women to end sexual assault, harassment and inequality in our society.

We stand united to protect immigrants and refugees who have come to this country in search of a better life or to escape persecution or war.

We stand united with indigenous communities and nations to uphold their sovereign rights and treaties with the United States government.

We stand united to protect our air, water and land for present and future generations, to keep fossil fuels in the ground, to advance renewable energy, and to address climate change. Climate change and environmental destruction hurt everyone, but especially and most immediately low-income communities. It’s time to protect the environment and to work for a clean, sustainable future.